Vegan Family House shop 

our t-shirts, aprons, bags, hats and badges in 5 categories... vegan, home ed, misc pics, flowers and ballet 

Egbert - A Vegan Bunny 

Cuddly Bunny with T-Shirt
One size


Kids' Backpack
One size

Strawberry iPhone 5/5S Premium Case 

iPhone 5/5s Premium Case
One size

VEGAN water bottle 

Water Bottle
One size

Respect the Vegan Chef apron 

Cooking Apron
One size

Vegan Organic Tote jeans/lilac 

EarthPositive Tote Bag
One size

vegan camisole 

Women’s Premium Tank Top

Vegan boxers 

Men's Boxer Briefs

Gorgeous Vegan thong 

Women's String Thong

'Have Yourself A Vegan Little Christmas' Santa Hat 

Santa Hat
One size

Vegan Sweetie Womens Long Sleeve Top 

Women's Long Sleeve Shirt

Rain is Vegan (well it is) Umbrella 

Umbrella (small)
One size